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What materials do you use?
We build all of our jewelry with conflict-free, implant grade, nickel-free 14k or 18k solid gold that is polished to a mirror finish. This ensures that your jewelry is body-compatible because we care about you!


Is your jewelry safe for long-term wear?
Absolutely! Our 14k and 18k gold jewelry is 100% suitable for long-term wear. All of our gold is guaranteed to be free of nickel (even our white gold), and our solder free of cadmium. You can wear this jewelry until the end of time, if you so choose.


Can I be pierced with a piece of your jewelry?
Yes! Most of our pieces are able to be used for initial piercings! Please consult your local friendly piercer for more info. The surface and wearing surface of our handmade jewelry is polished to a mirror finish with the intention that it will be used for initial piercings. We do carry some pieces that may not be ideal for initial piercings, such as our 1.5mm ends and seam rings, but contact your local professional piercer for specific questions. 


Is your jewelry compatible with my titanium barbell/labret/curved barbell/circular barbell/surface anchor/surface bar?
Yes! Make sure you know the type of jewelry you’re wearing, so you can ensure you’re purchasing the correct style that works with what you wear, be it threaded or threadless. Gold is a soft metal, and titanium is extremely hard. When you’re using these together, you must use care! Avoid over tightening any threaded pieces, and check pins on a threadless post before inserting it into the body. Too tight may damage your new jewelry, and too loose may lead to loss or damage. We do have videos on how to insert and remove your jewelry here if you need assistance. As always, the best fit and secure fastening can be provided by your local professional piercer!


Do you plate your jewelry?
No, we do not plate any of our jewelry. Each piece is built from solid gold that will last for years to come without the worry of the plating wearing away. If with time you find you need to bring a little luster back to the piece, it can be polished instead of plating it again, and again, and again. 

What about rhodium plating? Do you offer that?
No, we don’t. Just like other plating methods, rhodium plating can wear away quickly, and we want your jewelry to last you forever! Rhodium mining and plating is also detrimental to the environment, and to stand by our mission statement, we choose not to offer it. 


Do you offer cubic zirconia or synthetic opals?
We strive to provide some of the most unique precious metal body jewelry available. We’ve made the decision to offer only genuine conflict-free gemstones. We feel that sets each piece apart from one another and lends a touch of individualism.


What are your turnaround times?
We strive to get your new jewelry to you within 12 weeks of your order, if not sooner! Please take into account that wait times may change, and we will keep you apprised of that if it happens.


Do you repurpose gold? 
Yes, we do! All of our gold is conflict-free and comes from recycled materials. We believe the earth is our most valuable resource, and want to maintain its beauty as is, without contributing to further harm. This means all of our genuine gemstones are also conflict-free. 
We stand firm in this belief, which led us to our Vintage line. It is made from parts and pieces of vintage traditional jewelry found and collected from all across the globe. We want to bring older styles and creations back into the modern era by repurposing it into high-quality gold body jewelry.


Do you buy gold?
Absolutely! We would love to purchase your 14k and 18k jewelry so we can turn it into beautiful gold body jewelry! Some of these will be broken down for our Vintage Salvage Line, others will be melted down and used for our Core Collection. Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to pass jewelry from your family to ours!


Do you make custom designs for clients?
Yes, we do, in more than one way! We create custom designs that come from your imagination, and we can also repurpose your 14k and 18k traditional jewelry and turn it into one-of-a-kind body jewelry. Contact us at [email protected] if you have an idea you would like to bring to life!


I broke my gold piece, can it be repaired?
Yes, it can! Go see your local piercer to get the piece cleaned, sterilized, and sent to us. We will repair it and send it back your way within 12 weeks. Contact us at [email protected] for questions about pricing for repairs.


Why don’t you use silver?
Silver is not intended to be worn in body piercings for an extended period of time. Silver tarnishes quickly, even more so in the moist environment of some body piercings. The tarnish (called silver sulfide) can irritate sensitive mucous membrane, which can lead to issues including staining the skin black or green and even damaging the piercing to the point where it would need to be removed. While not everyone will experience these problems, we have decided that it is more important to ensure the safety of our clients rather than gamble with their piercings.